— Ashton —


Well, Hello!

I’m so excited you’re here! I'm Ashton, lover of fur babies, human babies, moody tones, and beautiful Alaska. I live in a little cottage in the woods with my husband, 2 mini pigs, 2 boxers, an English Springer puppy, a fat cat, and a bunch of chickens. I'm originally from Virginia but the military brought us here and we have no intentions of ever leaving. I found my love for photography in nature but quickly found my true love, Motherhood. I've been photographing the bond between mamas and their littles from the start (almost 6 years ago!) and to this day, it's where my heart is. I'm the girl you call to document the sweetest of new seasons in the rawest of ways. I'm after the in-betweens, the before and the after. My heart explodes when I photograph the littlest of souls being loved on by the sweetest of mamas. I'm chasing those tiny yawns, tight fists, baby curls, and the magical way you breathe in your baby when they wrap their chubby arms around your neck. I don't believe in making up stories that don't genuinely frame the unique beauty that is your family. I'm only after what is real. If you're wanting to TRULY remember this season in your life, I'm the one you call. Always.