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A Piece of You | A Mini Newborn Collection

I've been playing with the idea of bringing in a smaller collection for awhile now. I love being all inclusive. I LOVE sending home huge galleries, but also know that not everyone can afford packages that include those huge galleries. I know that I'm restricting others (that love my work) from being able to get a few of their own gorgeous pictures by only offering two big packages. So, I'm throwing in a new collection just for the newborns!



This collection includes a 30 minute session in your home within 3 weeks of baby being born. Normally my sessions last around 1.5 to 2 hours, so this is REALLY cutting it down. I expect these sessions to be a lot more raw and mostly just cuddling in bed shots. Simple, yet a beautiful way to capture your new bond. We are WINGING it with this collection. If baby is cranky and wants to nurse, you're getting pictures of a baby on your boob or chugging bottles. Honestly? Those are my favorite. Ha! I know some people don't want that though, so I'm just trying to be transparent. My work isn't very posed as is, but you get the idea. 

Each client that books will be sent an online gallery to choose 5 digital images (with print release) out of a minimum of 15. Let's be real, there will probably be 30+ because I have an issue with deleting pictures. You've been warned! If you absolutely cannot choose which 5 you're wanting, you will have the option of purchasing the entire gallery, but that's not required. 


As always, I like to be transparent with my pricing, so there's no need to have to email me to get all the details. 

A Piece of You will be $325 and that includes the session + 5 digital images of your choice. If you see your gallery and absolutely CANNOT let those images go, you can purchase the entire set for $150.

The $325 session fee is due at the time of booking because these are such a steal. They're half of the regular fee, so this is a dang good deal! << Look at me rhyming! 


I'm still booking a few more summer newborns (and booking into fall), so if this is a session you're interested in, let's get your due date booked! 

P.S.- I'm also GIVING AWAY one of these sessions to a local Facebook follower! The giveaway goes live at 6 pm tonight, so be sure to go and enter if you're expecting!