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Alaskan Animal Rescue Friends - Anchorage, Alaska - Family Photography Special - Moss and Myrrh Photography

You guys know that I absolutely ADORE animals. My fur kids are my everything and I have no clue how I'd survive without my dogs' ridiculous antics. To me, the best feeling is coming home to my dogs' smiling faces as they basically backflip across the living room. They don't just say, "hey". They say, "OH MY GOD YOU'RE FINALLY HOME I MISSED YOU SO MUCH WHERE DID YOU GO I THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER COME BACK!". 

They don't judge, their love doesn't have stipulations, they love me unconditionally. Therefore, I try to give them the very best I can. Their time on this Earth is short, they better get the best they can. 

Unfortunately, not all dogs get to live this happy life that many have. Some are dumped, bred until they can't breed anymore, tied out on a chain to live alone for years on end, and worse. Some aren't fed or given water. Some have no clue what love even is, that there are humans on this planet that would give anything just to hold them and show them that love exists. 

Fortunately, there ARE people who exist in this world that want to give these neglected dogs the best they can. They go out of their way to find them homes, warm beds, and give them food to fill their bellies These people are angels to the unwanted. They show them that they ARE wanted and they CAN be loved. 

AARF is an amazing group here in Alaska who volunteers and fosters to help save these dogs and get them the love that they deserve. I'm SO excited to be partnering with AARF and giving back in my own way (though there is SO much more than can be done).   

For the entire month of October, I'll be offering a complimentary family session for every dog adopted through AARF. I want families to celebrate their newest member with portraits to show this awesome moment in their lives (dog and hooman). There are no rules as far as WHO can use this. Single and just got your new best friend? Let's do this! Have 50 kids + your new dog? Let's do this (but please bring me a lot of caffeine)! Have a boyfriend/girlfriend and 2 other dogs? Let's do this. I have no cares as to who you are, what you do, how many kids you have, I just want to celebrate your family + your new furbaby! 

How does it work? 

When a dog is adopted in October the new parent be given the option to take home a gift certificate from AARF that NEEDS to be given to me upon inquiry to book. This gift certificate cannot be given to someone else to use. I will be verifying that the dog has in fact been adopted through AARF. Also, the newest furbaby MUST be included in the session. That's the whole point, right?!

The gift certificate is good for the value of a Family Session Fee ($150) and will be available to use for 6 months (expires at the end of April). Sessions can also be booked as an in home documentary sessions (my speciality)! 

I am SO excited to meet the families that have graciously adopted these amazing furry friends. I'm even more excited for the tail waggins and slobbery kisses that are about to come my way! <3 

Interested in adopting or volunteering with AARF? Head to their website below! 


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