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Anchorage Lifestyle Family Photography | Good Morning LaRue Family | Moss and Myrrh Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska Lifesyle Family Photographer | LaRue Family | Moss and Myrrh Anchorage, Alaska


First things first, I love this family. Paola (mama) actually reached out to me (very pregnant) before they even arrived here in Alaska. I photographed their first little as a newborn and have kept in touch since. They're *those* clients, the ones that just get me. It feels like it's been eons since Ezra was a newborn and now they have a new little, Eden. Seriously, can't get enough of these guys! <3 

Things you should know before booking a session with me..

1.) I take waaaay too many pictures. Way. 

2.) I'm obsessed with photographing in a sequence..which you'll notice. So don't be surprised when you get pictures that are literally shot seconds apart. Oops.

3.) I love movement..hence #2.

4.) I'm a sucker for dark/muted tones. Don't expect to get bright airy pictures back from me. It ain't my jam. Instead, you'll get beautiful portraits that focus on YOU and not the bright colors around you.

5.) I'll keep you forever. << I will. I feel like what I do is SO intimate. Birth, newborns, documentary work in your home, it's personal. You let me into your LIFE and I love it. I fall in love with my clients and usually they fall in love with me..which is why I keep you, forever. Don't be surprised if we continue to stay in touch sporadically. I want to watch your littles grow and your family evolve.