Anchorage Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Providence Hospital Fresh 48 | Moss and Myrrh Photography, Anchorage

Fresh 48 Lifestyle Photography | Providence Hospital | Anchorage, Alaska | Moss and Myrrh Photography


Oh, it's been so long since I've gotten to wander into a hospital room to document the sweet first hours of a brand new little. There's usually chaos, clothes everywhere because parents have essentially made this their hotel room for 48 hours. There's also a bit of panic as first time parents stumble in learning what that cry means, "are they hungry, do they need a diaper, what do I do?!". There's also this beautiful invisible bubble surrounding that room. There's fragility and utter awe in the air and it's absolutely addictive. The way they look at their baby, the way they pour over every little detail and feature, that's addictive.

There's something magical about those first hours before leaving that hospital room and I really wish everyone had the opportunity to have it all documented. As soon as you step outside of those 4 walls your entire world changes. 

I was so honored to photograph this beautiful family and their sweet little girl, Bailey. With a head full of hair and the sweetest face, she most certainly has wrapped her parents around her little finger. Thank you, Hall family, for letting me document this brief but beautiful moment for you. <3