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Birth is a whole lot of unknowing. 

There is no way of knowing when baby will arrive, how easy or hard labor will be, how quickly labor will progress, if you'll get the birth you've dreamt of or if nothing will go your way. Focusing on the birth you WANT instead of the birth you don't want is definitely a huge part of it all, I believe. In the end though, some things are out of our earthly control, and we have to go with it regardless. 

This sweet mama worked SO hard to bring her baby earth side naturally, at home. Even when her body refused to give her a break from surges, she pushed through absolutely exhausted. For 4 hours she pushed in hopes of seeing the tiny human she'd carried in her body for 9 months. Despite everything, there was no progression. It was quickly decided that she would be transferred to Providence Hospital where mom & dad made the decision to have a cesarean to bring their baby into the world. After handing my camera off to dad, they both got to see their healthy baby boy come into the world. A happy + healthy mom and baby. That's everything!

I learned so much from this birth. After 3 years of photographing every type of birth you can imagine, I still hadn't had a client transferred or had to watch the tough decision be made to have a cesarean. There was a lot of hope, hope that something would quickly change so it could all be avoided. There was a lot of anxiety filling the room as well. Everyone is rooting for mom, everyone. When you realize things might not go as planned, there's this anxious feeling that takes over everyone. You just want relief for mom. You just want that baby to make their arrival so you can see the  joy on her face. This birth was definitely a quick reminder that nothing is planned, there is no way of knowing. All I do know is that in the end the ultimate goal is to have a healthy baby + mom. That's all that matters. Home birth, birth center, hospital, medicated, non medicated, cesarean, the only goal is a happy + healthy mom/baby, no matter which route you go.