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Anchorage, Alaska Home Birth | Birth Photography, Anchorage | The Birth of Jolene

The Birth of Jolene | Birth Photography Anchorage, Alaska | Moss and Myrrh Photography

Home births, guys. They're the best. 

I was so honored to photograph the birth of sweet Jolene. 

Her mama, Rachel, wanted nothing more than to have a home birth. Her two births before Jolene had complications, so a home birth just wasn't in the cards. When Rachel contacted me about documenting her birth, we had no clue if this would turn into a hospital or home birth, but we were all crossing our fingers she would finally get the birth of her dreams. Little Miss Jolene was nothing short of dramatic in the womb, haha! She kept her mama guessing this entire pregnancy. Guessing as to whether she'd be born premature, guessing if she'd be born healthy, guessing if she'd be born at home or in the hospital. From flipping back from head down repeatedly to trying to come 6 hours before her 37 week mark (the legal length of pregnancy for a home birth), I'm pretty sure Rachel was exhausted from the surprises alone! In the end though, this sweet girl made her arrival on time, completely healthy, and chunky as ever. 

It amazes me that I get to do THIS. If you had told me this would be my "job" when I grew up or that I would be so very obsessed with it, I would've told you you were insane. This has turned into such a love, guys. I'm so thankful I found something that 100% fills me with nothing but happiness. 

Congratulations to the Saunders family! Your squish is absolutely perfect. <3