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Black Friday with Moss and Myrrh..Like a Boss | Anchorage Lifestyle Photographer | Moss and Myrrh Photography Anchorage, Alaska

Black Friday with Moss and Myrrh..Like a Boss

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I don't know about you, but Black Friday stresses me out. Like, I have anxiety just THINKING about it all. I've been to two Black Friday events (yes, it's an event of madness) in my lifetime and I can assure you, they've scarred me for life. Ha! Why? Well, because it's stressful! You're basically fighting other human beings for a THING, a limited THING, just so you can get a "good" deal. Guys, this isn't what the holidays are all about. You shouldn't have to feel anxious about getting "things" or giving to others. So, this upcoming Black Friday, I dare you to stay home. I DARE YOU. I dare you to instead sleep in with your littles, make a big breakfast, cuddle on the couch all day. I dare you to say no to those ridiculous sales ads that are taunting you to come get that "thing" you won't want in 2 weeks. If you absolutely MUST buy (I know, I know, you have gifts to buy), shop online, shop Small Business Saturday, shop local! Okay, done with my spiel, promise. 

I wanted to write this post because I know many of you are wanting to get in on my Black Friday + Small Saturday session sales. I really, really, don't want anyone stressing over getting these slots, there are plenty to go around! I am really limited for weekend sessions and I know many need a weekend, so that's why you need to plan in advance. So, one last time I'm going to go through each session, what it includes, and what it's best booked for. Ready? Let's do this!


Day in the Life

It's just that, a day in your life. This session offers an entire day of documenting from morning to evening! We'll plan some epic activities to fill your day + soak in the quiet moments as well. This session is for the family that wants to remember this season in their lives. They want to remember what a day looked like for them right now. They want to actually be present and IN the pictures. I encourage you to book these sessions during one of our long Alaskan summer months. This is the perfect session to book for documenting a short road trip, a day at the lake, fishing, hiking, bonfires, all of it. 

What's Included:

12 Hour Session in Home and on Location

Minimum of 150 Digital Images

Print Release

Keepsake Box

4x6 Print of Each Image in Gallery


Good Morning

My most popular package! This session is for the family that wants a few hours of their beautiful day documented. Your morning routine, your short trip to the lake, your lazy day. This is the session where I document your story, your mundane, and in your inbetweens. Gummy grins, dirty fingers, toy explosions, and cuddles for days, that's what this is all about. Good Morning Sessions are also available as Newborn Sessions! I come and document your life changes with a newborn. Sibling love (or non love, haha!), tiny toes, fingers, connecting as a family, everything that comes with bringing a new baby home. These little moments are absolutely everything and gone before you know it. 

What's Included: 

2-3 Hour Session on Location or In Home

Minimum of 50 Digital Images

Print Release

Keepsake Box

4x6 Print of Each Image in Gallery



Fresh 48

Those first 48 hours after your baby is born you're in complete bliss. You can't stop looking at them, touching their tiny features, they're the best thing you ever did. This is the perfect time to document your sweet little before they start to change oh so quickly! When you book a Fresh 48 we wait for baby to arrive! Once baby is here I'll come to you within 48 hours of birth. Whether that be in the hospital or in your home, that's totally up to you and your birth plan. This is a great alternative to a birth package if I'm already booked. While I won't be able to document your beautiful birth, I can still bottle up those first hours of life. Something you'll cherish forever. <3 

What's Included: 

1 Hour Session on Location

Minimum of 30 Digital Images

Print Release

Keepsake Box

4x6 Print of Each Image Presented in Gallery


The Mini Story

My smallest session option. This session is a mixture of lifestyle (giving direction, then leaving you to do your thing) and story telling. This is a great option for those just wanting a quick session to update your family photos. We'll meet at a beautiful outdoor location to play, go to the coffee shop and sip on hot cocoa, go nom on some frozen yogurt, or just hang out in your home, wherever has meaning for you. This session is extremely short (in the documentary world), so there isn't a lot of time to get comfortable in front of the camera, or to document your "real" connection, so keep that in mind when booking. You also do not get the Keepsake Box , though you can always add it on to your package at your viewing appointment.

What's Included: 

1 Hour Session on Location or In Home

Choice of 10 Digital Images

Print Release


*Add on Entire Gallery for an Additional $200


How the Sale Works

Once you know what session you're wanting, you're ready to go!  These sessions will be available to book ANYTIME IN 2017! Book ahead and save that moolah!

Make sure to read the steps below so you aren't confused.

1.) Get the link to book at 12:01 am Black Friday Morning

2.) Choose from the 4 sessions, Day in the Life, Good Morning, Fresh 48, and The Mini Story.

3.) Choose the month you're wanting your session 

4.) Choose whether you need a weekend or weekday date 

5.) Checkout and pay a 25% deposit to hold your slot

6.) Sign the Contract sent (via email) to you within 5 business days

Once I have all of that, we are good to go! No need to know the date you're wanting for your session. We'll choose a definite date about 2 months before your session. If you're booking for January/February, I'll be in touch to choose a date. 

If you're pregnant and choosing a newborn or Fresh 48 session, just choose the month your due and the weekday option. We clearly don't know when baby will be here. <3 

That's it folks! SUPER easy. Now, if you haven't subscribed to get the link yet, you're a bit behind (and should probably get on it). This sale will run for 48 hours from November 25th at midnight to November 26th at 11:59 PM. 

^^You can unsubscribe at any time, but you have to be subscribed to get the link. 

May the odds be ever in your favor. ;)