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Holiday Tradition Documentary Sessions | Anchorage, Alaska Child Photographer | Moss and Myrrh Photography, Anchorage

Holiday Tradition Documentary Sessions | Anchorage, Alaska Child Photographer | Moss and Myrrh Photography, Anchorage

This year I'm going outside of the "box" and giving you guys an opportunity to do something completely DIFFERENT and UNIQUE for your holiday season.  This year I'm offering Holiday Tradition Sessions. "What the heck is that?", I know..I can hear you saying it right now! Holiday Tradition Sessions are unlike anything you've ever done, something your children are going to cherish when they're grown, something you're going to go back to every year to reminisce. Ready to hear about more? I explain below!

I don't know how else to say this, so I'm just going to say it, all of your pictures look the same. Each and every one of you getting holiday minis this year are getting portraits that look EXACTLY THE SAME as the next guy in line. In fact, I could just cut and paste your faces in, it would still look exactly the same.

Raise of hands: Who is SICK of the same thing year after year? Who is tired of the impersonal, no emotion (except for stress from getting ready), sessions that are your only option for booking? If you're ready for something completely out of the norm, I'm your photographer.

It's time for something new.

I'm excited to offer something fresh, new, and completely unique to YOUR family. I'm here to give your children REAL memories that they'll yearn to see again when they have children. I'm here to tell your REAL story of traditions handed down year after year. 

Think back to your childhood. What did your family do for the holidays every year? This could look like anything depending on your family and culture. I'll go first..

As far as I can remember we ALWAYS went to the Christmas Tree Farm the day after Thanksgiving. We would go through the farm and find the most perfectly fat tree we could and bring it home with us. Then we'd turn on Christmas music and decorate our home for Christmas.

Okay, one more! Since our families were a bit spread out (and separated) we'd always choose one day where everyone would go to Grandma's house to exchange gifts and stuff our faces. This is when everyone met up, aunts, uncles, and cousins. This was basically the one time a year we were all together. Things have changed now and our family has their differences, so those memories are definitely something I hold onto. 

Now, your turn! What memories of traditions do you have tucked away in your mind? Cookie baking? Tree getting/decorating? Present wrapping? Caroling? Gift giving? Sledding? Come on, I know you've got something! Now, how many pictures do you have of those traditions? Not just "everybody smile at the camera!" pictures, but actively making the memory, pictures. I'm going to bet you don't have many. Maybe a few snapshots here or there, but nothing you could really pour through and get genuine replays in your mind from. 

I think for the most part people are completely confused as to what documentary photography is and how it could benefit them. What on earth could your family be doing that's so interesting it needs a photographer to photograph? Life. Your family is doing life. Life is short, it flies by, childhood is even shorter. I encourage you to go outside of your comfort zone and give your children a gift that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. I encourage you to get away from the cheesy outdoor pictures you keep freezing your tush off for. I encourage you to give your children actual memories to hold onto, memories that COME with pictures. What would you give to have those moments with your parents documented? To go back in time and have genuine love and happiness documented to look at now? My answer? Almost anything. I wish I had more pictures with my parents, grandparents, and sister. REAL pictures, not just the smiling ones. That picture of dad and I above? It's all I could find for Christmas pictures of us. Granted, I KNOW my grandma has a million somewhere (probably never developed), but I wish I had more OF more.  

How does it work? 

This is by far the easiest session you could ever book. There's not much planning on your part, just do what you do every year. When you inquire to book you'll be sent a questionnaire to think on your childhood memories and traditions you hope to continue with your children. We'll discuss what you WISH you'd had photographed as a child and what you want to give your children in photographs. 

Sessions last up to 2 hours, so you have 2 hours to have FUN with your children while having it all documented. These sessions will take place in your home + outdoors (if that's part of your tradition). I am always open to tagging along for Christmas Tree buying, cocoa drinking, sledding, snow man building, and any other "tradition" you do outside of your home every year. We can bake cookies, decorate, listen to music, dance, play in the snow, make gingerbread houses, whatever the heck it is you do as a family during this season. 

What's included in the session...

Me (hello, the best thing you could get) for 2 hours + a minimum of 50 digital images with print release + 4x6 prints in a gorgeous handmade wooden box + 20% off an album or press book (optional). 

Most get GORGEOUS pictures to pass down to your children, your children's children, your children's children's get the picture. This is not something that can be replaced. This is something your children are going to look through when they're grown and are no longer home to make memories. These pictures are what they're going to cling to when you're no longer here to celebrate the holidays with them.

Pictures mean more than anything (aside from the memory making), so step outside of your box and do something different.  

E A R L Y  B I R D


Are you super pumped after reading this and ready to go? Let's get you booked!

If you book by October 15th, you can take $75 off your session. Sound good? Thought so. 

Ready for more details? I've got them! Fill out the form below and I'll answer any questions you have. ;) 

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