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I just recently realized that since rebranding I don't have a full birth up on the blog! This is a birth from last summer, and quite possibly my favorite birth of all time. If any of you have followed me since last summer, you've probably seen this birth before, but it's totally worthy of being seen multiple times. 

This birth gave me a real love for home births and now every inquiry for a home birth gets me insanely excited. There are no words that can truly explain the feeling that comes with photographing births. None. There's excitement, anxiety, love, happiness, and about a million other "feelings" floating in the air. It's a thick energy you can't escape, you don't want to escape, and when it's over you leave floating on a high only witnessing a birth can give you. It's beautiful and surreal, it's an addiction. Every birth is different, like a new story you haven't read before. There is no right or wrong, no judgement, just absolute love. 

I'm now completely booked for 2016 births and I'm now booking for 2017. Please inquire below if you're interested in having your birth photographed. Birth photography is not something you'll ever regret, ever. In fact, the only thing you could regret is NOT having your birth photographed (or choosing a horrible photographer - but that's another post, lol!).

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