In Home Lifestyle Session - Child Photographer Eagle River, Alaska - Moss and Myrrh Photography

In Home Lifestyle Session - Child Photography - Eagle River, Alaska - Moss and Myrrh Photography


As you all know, Lifestyle Sessions have my heart. There's nothing better than photographing a genuine giggle, a REAL smile. Lifestyle sessions IN your home though? Those are my absolute favorite of all the favorites in favorite land! It really doesn't get more personal than me photographing YOU in your home. 

I have a lot of clients from studio days that just aren't sure about this whole lifestyle thing..and in your home? WHAT?! 

Some of the excuses I get...

1.) My house is a mess.

2.) My house is ugly

3.) I'm moving

4.) My kids are too crazy

5.) My dogs are too crazy

6.) My LIFE is too crazy

Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so. Let me let you in on a little secret..I want your crazy! Your crazy is real life. It's raw and it's absolutely beautiful. Your crazy is going to be a part of every memory you have of your children growing up. It will be in every part of your children's memory growing up. Why not document that? Why not document REAL parts of your life?

I also get the, "but I don't know what we would do..". That's okay! I have about a million ideas of what you can do during your session or you can do a whole bunch of nothing..lounging around doing your usual. 

A few ideas:

Document your morning. Waking the kids, making breakfast, being lazy together, watching cartoons. 

Bake cookies, make brownies, make yummy food (and feed it to me after). 

Color, paint, make clay bowls, I don't care! Create! 

Bathing your  c r a z y  dogs (or cat, but honestly..that sounds like a painful session).

Decorate for the holidays. The tree, hot cocoa, make cookies (make all the freaking cookies), gingerbread houses, wrapping presents, etc, etc.

Moving? Let's document it! Boxes and messes all around! 

When considering this session you're going to have all of the above ^ excuses run through your head. Stop, just stop. This is the BEST gift you can give your children. This is something they can look back on for the rest of their lives. This is something they can give THEIR children.

This is just a teeny tiny sliver of your life, but it will mean the world to them when they're older and you're gone. This is 2 hours of your life that you can put aside your "idea" of what's worthy of being photographed and just be content in knowing you're giving your children a beautiful gift.

A little time capsule of their lives. Their REAL lives. 

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