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Intimate Motherhood.

What comes to mind when you put those two words together? I think most can't quite wrap their head around the word "intimate" and get lost once you throw in "motherhood". I believe there is intimacy in motherhood but most aren't aware of it because they're so caught up in the hustle that is life. While you may not be aware (or maybe you are) there are these sweet quiet moments between you and your baby that no one else can have. No other being on this planet can possibly understand how deep these moments are. You know, the moments where you and your baby make eye contact and just hold one another for as long as you can? The ones where you softly run your fingers through their hair and wish they'd stay this small forever? The moments where there are no interruptions, it's just you and your little alone in this world for a brief moment. Those are the moments that Intimate Motherhood Sessions are made to document. 

The Details. 

I know, many of you are wondering, "Is this session really for me? I'm not sure I'm comfortable showing skin". The beauty of these sessions is they're meant to document what motherhood looks like for YOU. If that means you're fully clothed, so be it. If that means you're completely nude, so be it. Nursing, bottle feeding, in the bathtub (hellooo milk bath!), in the bed, on the couch, in the rocking chair, the possibilities are endless.

These sessions are 100% styled by me. Whether that means you choose from the small studio wardrobe I have on hand, I virtually shop with you, or I'm digging through your closet, I'm there to make sure you feel beautiful. What you wear will depend on what colors/accents can be found in your home where we'll be shooting as well as what you feel most comfortable in. You'll also have the option to pay an additional fee for professional makeup from a makeup artist. So basically, you don't have to do anything but cuddle your baby. 

No need to worry about your home decor, I take care of all of that as well. Less is more with these sessions, so I'll be coming in and moving everything out of the way that I think will be a distraction. Give me a window and I can make anything work! 


These sessions are limited to children up to 2 years of age. I encourage you to book these sessions for when your children are younger than 1 years of age, though. Of course, older siblings can be included as well! <3


I'll be booking Intimate Motherhood Sessions starting February 20th (next Monday!). I'm going to be offering a special introductory price that WILL be going up (a few hundred) by March 1st, so please don't wait to book. No, this does not mean you need to have a session scheduled before March 1st. It mean you have to book (for anytime in 2017) BY March 1st. 

If you'd like to get access to the introductory pricing, please hit the button below. Pricing will come out this Friday. Yay! 

Now, go enjoy these pretty pictures.