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Let's Wander || Anchorage Motherhood Photographer, Moss and Myrrh

I've known these two since this little was just a few days old. It was when I was first starting out, really digging into studio work, and REALLY wanting to work those newborn sessions. Lilah is one of those clients that has slowly morphed into more than just a client. We keep in touch and I am forever grateful she continues to come back to me so we can continue documenting this bond.

When I look back at their sessions I can see just how much I've grown and changed over time. They're literally proof that I'm not who I used to be.  Every session is a little different, more raw, and every session Zoe looks more and more like a little girl, no longer a baby. I'll never get over how quickly they change or wrap my head around how quickly life goes on. While we can't stop time we can most definitely document it and remember it to the best of our ability. These two will have all the memories to look back on. All of them. <3