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Lux Turns One || Wasilla Lifestyle Photographer

Way back when all of my one year sessions included getting a professional cake baked + sitting these new one year olds in front of a studio set up kind of hoping they'd want to eat that cake. They never did and we had to fake it to make it look all cutesy for pictures. Yes, yes, I know, everyone LOVES those pictures! I used to at one point too but then quickly realized how fake they were. Also, what was the point? Ha! Anyway, I've determined cake smashes will be those fancy Sears pictures we like to laugh at now, but in about 10 years. I don't get many one year sessions anymore. Mostly, I get babies from maternity to newborn and then I never see them again. I do get a few though and they're usually the families I'm most close to so it makes it even more special. This family has taken a big chunk of my heart and I am going to be a mess when they move away. I met this sweet boy at birth and have become closer and closer to his family (all those sweet boys!) as time has passed. It was an honor getting to say I spent Lux's actual BIRTH day with him. Next year, I'm sure we'll do the same. ♥