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Milk Bath Motherhood Session | Eagle River, Alaska In Home Newborn Photographer


Without a doubt the sweet, chaotic, exhausting, and beautiful moments between a mother and her baby are the least documented of them all. Moms are constantly behind the camera, documenting everything that they see with their own eyes, usually forgetting how important their moments between themselves and their little(s) really are. This is why I mainly focus on documenting mothers + their babies, because one day that baby is going to be an adult rummaging through old pictures in a box somewhere (hint hint, print!) and wondering why there aren't any with their mother?

You're important. 

Your bond with your child is important.

Document it. 

Document it in anyway you're comfortable. The way you look at your baby, how soft their perfect skin is, how you softly stroke their hair, all of that needs to be remembered. <3