Moss and Myrrh Photography | Eagle River, Alaska Birth Photographer


I am so excited to share this huge NEW change with you guys. Ashton Renée Photography is now   Moss and Myrrh Photography. From here on out changes will start taking place to move over. It's a whole lot and I'm sure it'll be a slow process. Besides social media, I have to rewrite all contracts, update all software, and deal with the not so fun parts..paperwork for taxes and the bank. Yuck! I do not doubt that there will be glitches and failing links, it'll take time to get everything perfect. In the end, it'll all be worth it though.

Moss and Myrrh is about capturing REAL moments. REAL laughs, smiles, tickles, tears, hugs, and love. I want to give you something you'll truly cherish 50 years from now. I want you to look at your pictures and be taken back to when your baby was a baby, the way their hair smelled, how soft and squishy their legs were, how that gummy smile made your heart explode. I want you to FEEL what I'm photographing. 


I want to thank all of my returning clients. Most of you come back to me for every single session and it makes me so happy. You invite me into your most personal moments and allow me to be a part of your family for just a bit. I love you guys. I want you to know how much I appreciate you, so I'm offering 25% off ALL sessions until August 1st for returning clients. This is good for sessions booked into 2017 too! 

There is NO age limit anymore, guys. So if you haven't booked a family session because you thought there was, please shoot me an email so we can get you booked! 




PS- Share us some love in the comments section! I love hearing from you! <3