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For those that are new here, I'm trying to feature a new provider on the blog every other month based on those that YOU love. I'm also offering a $100 discount on all births booked with one of my favorite providers (doulas, birth centers, midwives, etc). 

April's featured provider is Nurturing Birth Doula Services owner, Jamie Scearcy! I think supporting other small businesses is SO important and that's why I started this blog series; to celebrate the birth providers you love most. Every time I meet this lovely ladies you guys also adore; I immediately know why. We have such an awesome birth community here in Alaska and Jamie is just another lovely addition to that. 

 Check out a little Q + A with Jamie below! 



Q. Tell me about yourself, your family, your business. How long have you been a doula? What brought you down this path? 

My name is Jamie Scearcy, and I have been a doula for over 4 years. I am also the current secretary for The Alaska Birth Collective. My husband is active duty Air Force, and I have been a military spouse for 8 years. Together we have three beautiful children, and one giant yellow lab. My family currently has the pleasure of being stationed here in Alaska. We absolutely love it here, and hope to stay! When I am not supporting families I enjoy hiking, fishing, up-cycling furniture, and photography.

My path to becoming a doula and my love for birth actually began at a very young age. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother growing up. She was a home birth midwife that instilled in me the knowledge that birth is normal, beautiful, and nothing to be feared. After having a doula support my own powerful VBAC I knew this was what I needed to be doing. I wanted to help other woman have the same experience I did. I want all woman to leave their births feeling strong, heard, and empowered. I completed my doula training while stationed in Okinawa, Japan in 2013 through DONA International, and I have been supporting mothers ever since. 

Q. Can you explain what a doula is?  

A doula is someone that is knowledgable in birth and provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a mother and her partner before, during, and after birth. 

Q. What certifications/training do you have?

I am a trained birth doula through DONA International. 

Q. Why do you think it's important for a doula to be present for a mother throughout her labor?

Birth is an experience a mother will remember all of her life. How she experiences birth, and how she is treated during her labor has a direct effect on how she views her baby, partner, and herself. Women should be encouraged to trust their bodies, discover their own strength, and experience the transformational power of birth. I believe doulas have the ability to make birth better no matter how, where, or who you birth with.

Q. Can you go through the process of working with you? How many times do you meet your client (do you call them clients? lol) on average? Will mothers see you after birth as well? 

I always offer a FREE consultation! This is an opportunity for perspective clients to meet me, ask questions, and see if I am the right doula for them. Finding a doula you really feel comfortable with is SO important. I always encourage perspective clients to meet with several doulas to make sure they find the best fit.

I meet with families a minimum of two times, more if necessary. It’s very important that my clients feel safe, comfortable, and connected with me.

These meetings are a time to discuss birth options and choices, provide information, practice comfort techniques, and get familiar with each unique family and their desires.

I am on call and available for families 24hrs a day from 36wks on. I am available by phone, email, or text message to answer questions, offer encouragement, and attend their birth.

I stay with clients for their ENTIRE birth! I join clients in labor whenever they are ready for additional support, and I will stay with them for the duration of their labor. I generally stay with mothers one to two hours postpartum. During this time I help mothers initiate breastfeeding, make sure everyone has something to eat, and do anything else your family needs to settle in and focus on getting to know your new baby.

I include photography as part of my services. I take photos as I’m available, but I’m always a doula first. 

My services also includes one postpartum visit. I like to meet with families again shortly after birth. During this visit we discuss your birth, admire your new baby, make sure breastfeeding is established, and I always treat my families to a homemade meal.

I almost never let my clients go! Many of my clients remain close friends, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s pretty amazing as a military family I have client friends sprinkled all over the world. 

Q. Do you have an epic birth story you can share? 

Every birth I attend seems pretty epic! That’s just birth! One of my favorite birth memories was getting a first time mom up to labor and delivery after having a very quick 1st stage of labor. She was having the urge to push so I sent her husband ahead to let the team know we were coming. She was maybe 15 feet away from the door, and had a big urge to push. She instinctively squatted down, so I squatted with her. She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Can I just stay here in the hallway with you and have my baby?” As amazing as I thought catching a baby would be; I told her I thought we could make it the few steps to the door! We quickly walked through the doors, and baby was born only a few minutes later. My client delivered on hands and knees. Her provider said that was the first time she had ever delivered a baby in that position. I love when we get to show providers something new! 

Q. How can potential clients reach you? 

Clients can reach me by phone at 907-854-6695, email,  Facebook, or my website

Have a provider you absolutely LOVED working with? Shoot me an email at I'm loving reading your experiences with our amazing birth community up here in Alaska. ♥︎