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Oliver + Mama || Intimate Motherhood Wasilla, Alaska

There are so many things I enjoy when doing this work. I love getting to know my clients, documenting a tiny little piece of their lives. I love getting to style and dream up sessions. I love seeing how HAPPY my clients are once all is delivered. I also really, really, love when I get hired to come back again. It means I did my job well the first time and it means I get to see how much these sweet littles have changed! I can't believe it had been exactly 10 weeks (at the time we shot this session) when we had welcomed this sweet boy into the world. Now here he is, an adorable blue eyed, blonde haired, chunk!

For the millionth time, if you're even considering an Intimate Motherhood Session, PLEASE shoot me an email. I swear, these are worth every penny. This season is so short (have I told you guys that enough already?), don't wait until they're over the cuddles to wish you had these. <3