Selene + Chase - Couples Session - Moss and Myrrh Photography Eagle River, Alaska - Moss and Myrrh Photography

Old Home and Old Friends - Couples Session - Moss and Myrrh Photography - Eagle River, Alaska 

As many of you know, we just got back to Alaska after our trip to visit family in Virginia. While it was great visiting family, it was WAY TOO HOT. I nearly ran off the airplane once we landed back in cool Anchorage, haha! For those of you that live far away from loved ones, you'll understand the stress that is going home. Everyone wants to see you, people get upset because you can't spend but so much time with them, everyone wants to go out to dinner, and so on. It's exhausting! So, while home, one of my very first friends (Selene) in the history of my friends asked me to do her and her boyfriend's portraits before I left. While I was really stretched as far as free time, I knew I had to make it work. You see, Chase and Selene are currently on this amazing journey of bringing an 18th century log home back to life and they wanted to have this moment in their lives documented. How often do you get asked to photograph an adorable couple AND their log cabin from the 1700's? Probably never. Ha! 

Selene and I have known each other since 1st grade. I remember Selene as a scrawny 1st grader with red hair, braided pigtails, and HUGE heart. I also remember Selene as the high schooler who had THE biggest crush on Chase. It was pretty awesome seeing them now, together, and so happy. 

This session was the perfect ending to my trip home. Virginia is full of old history and I was so honored to photograph this old home + my childhood friend.