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Oh my goodness, I cannot believe it’s been since November that I last blogged a session. Agh! Like many, winter sucks me in and I lose a lot of motivation to do much of what I normally do. I’m back though (mentally) and it’s time to start sharing again! I have so many sessions from last year that never got to be fully seen here, so I figured I’d start with those and work my way up..slow and steady.

The Anliker Family asked me if I’d be willing to be shoot a newborn session for them under the condition that they had NO clue when this baby would be coming home and when I would be needed to come to their home. You see, they were adopting a sweet babe out of state and wanted this season documented, but a lot of was up in the air. Of course, I said yes. This was my first adoption session and well, it got me right in the feels. I got to hear their story, their struggles, and now see their joy that they’ve finally got their baby in their arms. It was an honor to document this shortest of chapters and I hope, hope, hope, I get more adoptions in the future. <3

I hope you’re doing well, Anliker Family. <3

Anchorage Home Newborn Session | Anchorage, AK Newborn Photographer | Moss and Myrrh Photography

Anchorage Lifestyle Newborn Session - Anchorage, Alaska Newborn Photographer - Moss and Myrrh Photography


The switch from studio newborn to lifestyle/documentary newborn has been pretty amazing. I guess I didn't realize just HOW exhausting studio sessions were. Now that I'm finally getting into the swing of only doing lifestyle newborn sessions, I feel so much better about the work I'm creating. Yes, yes, I will always have a love for the squishy newborns I posed, but this just feels so right! 

I'm a little bit obsessed with this family's gallery. Their sweet newborn had the BEST cheeks, their toddler was sassy as ever (I'm always down with sass), and their malamute talked my ear off. Sounds like an epic session to me. ;) 

For those of you that think these sessions are beautiful, but you just aren't 100% sold, let me sell it to you.

These are genuine, REAL, moments with their newborn and toddler. No one is being forced to stare at me and smile, their newborn didn't have to be posed in an 85 degree room for 2-4 hours, their toddler got to do whatever she screaming required. Doesn't that sound heavenly? Happy babies all around and in YOUR home, winning! 

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