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Oh my goodness, I cannot believe it’s been since November that I last blogged a session. Agh! Like many, winter sucks me in and I lose a lot of motivation to do much of what I normally do. I’m back though (mentally) and it’s time to start sharing again! I have so many sessions from last year that never got to be fully seen here, so I figured I’d start with those and work my way up..slow and steady.

The Anliker Family asked me if I’d be willing to be shoot a newborn session for them under the condition that they had NO clue when this baby would be coming home and when I would be needed to come to their home. You see, they were adopting a sweet babe out of state and wanted this season documented, but a lot of was up in the air. Of course, I said yes. This was my first adoption session and well, it got me right in the feels. I got to hear their story, their struggles, and now see their joy that they’ve finally got their baby in their arms. It was an honor to document this shortest of chapters and I hope, hope, hope, I get more adoptions in the future. <3

I hope you’re doing well, Anliker Family. <3

Maternity Session in the Mountains of Hatcher Pass

Confession: I used to hate maternity sessions. Well, not hate, but they most definitely were NOT my favorite session. Why, you ask? I don't know what to do with a pregnant belly. Lol! That's the truth. There's only so many poses you can do with mom's hands on her belly. There's only so many you can do with dad hugging on mom. It was impossible for me to get any variety in those sessions and so, I dreaded them. Now though, that's a totally different story. Lifestyle sessions give me the freedom to actually enjoy every session I do, even maternity. Give me littles + a pregnant mama + mountain views and I'm a happy camper. <3 

Here's another local + fellow photographer I'm sure many will recognize. I'm not going to lie, it is insanely intimidating photographing other photographers. I'm already anxious before any normal session, but shooting another photographer makes me sweatttttt. It never fails though, I always have the best time and end up staring at their pictures for days. <3 

5 Tips to Dress + Prepare for your Outdoor Session || Lifestyle Photographer Wasilla, Alaska || Moss and Myrrh Photography








I'd say 99.9% of my blog posts are about how much I loooooooove my job. Right? You know, you read these things (hopefully) every week. I assume you've already figured out that I LOVE my work and I LOVE my clients. Ha! So, this week I decided to switch things up and do a little chatting about what to wear for your session. It just so happens that Kaile is THE best example of what to wear (figures, she's a photographer), so this is the perfect session to use as an example! 

Hands down, what you wear to your session is probably one of THE most important parts of preparing.. What you wear can completely change what you get back in your gallery once it's all said and done. So, I'm throwing together 5 little tips to get you started. Enjoy!

1.) Do NOT wear fluorescents. 

Obviously, this really depends on the photographer and the style they go for, but we're talking about my work here sooo, please don't wear fluorescents. Haha! I'm talking ANYTHING bright. If you like color, that's perfectly fine, but stick with the more muted/darker tones in that color. For example, yellow. I do not like yellow but I LOVE mustard. Love. Another example, red, brick red would be perfectly fine. Save the fluorescents for your 80's halloween party. ;) 

2.) Start with one outfit you LOVE.

Choosing clothes for the entire family can be really overwhelming. I suggest you start with one outfit you really love. Go to your closet (or store) and choose one outfit you, your spouse, your kids, whomever, feels really good in + fits the tones needed. Now, play off that one outfit. 

3.) You don't all need to match!

Remember the days when we'd all throw on our jeans + white t shirts for our Sears pictures? Yeah, those days are GONE. Ha! You're allowed to each show your personalities. You don't HAVE to fact, I discourage it. You know that one outfit I said to start with? The tones in that outfit are what you're going to be playing off of. Look at Kaile's session below, there's some deep/navy blue going on in her outfit, so she added in the dark blue wrap for Beau. All you need are tiny pieces of color to pull you all together. This can also work with earrings, necklaces, rings, blankets, etc.

4.) Muted Earthy tones, please.

I'm sure you've seen in all my work..I love to edit dark and I love to use earthy tones. I often get asked what earthy tones are, just look outside! Those colors you see naturally are the colors I love to work with. Green, blue, yellow, brown, gray, white, cream, etc, etc. As you'll see in Kaile's session, she's rocking all the earthy tones and it ties in perfectly with the landscape around her.

5.) Shoes matter!

Plan your outfit out, all the way down to your shoes. Sneakers/Tennis Shoes are a big no go. Sandles, boots, or barefoot is what it's all about. If I come to a session and someone's shoes aren't working, I almost always ask them to take them off and go barefoot..which I love FYI. So, if you aren't interested in being barefoot, make sure to show up in the right shoes! Oh, one last thing..nails. Cut them, paint them, do whatever to make them look good. They WILL be noticeable in a session, at least to you. ;) 

I feel like I barely touched the surface here and could probably go on for days, but I think this is a good base to start with. I have a very detailed What to Wear Guide I send to all of my clients once they've booked, so don't worry! Also, styling + planning for your session is one of my favorite parts, I encourage all of my clients to send me texts with pictures/questions. It's what I'm here for, so don't feel bad bugging me during your meltdown of "WHAT THE HECK ARE WE GOING TO WEAR?!". <3 

Interested in your own session? Let's chat!


Forest Adventures | Lifestyle Photographer Wasilla, Alaska

Wasilla, Alaska Family Photographer || Moss and Myrrh Photography

So very excited to share this session with you guys! As many of you know, I'm kind of sort of obsessed with all Motherhood sessions, so this one got me right in the feels with it's earthy tones + sweet grins. Oh, and did I mention this was shot on my own property? Yeah, it was. Even more feels! 

Interested in your own summer session? You can contact me here or email 

Anchorage Lifestyle Family Photography | Good Morning LaRue Family | Moss and Myrrh Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska Lifesyle Family Photographer | LaRue Family | Moss and Myrrh Anchorage, Alaska


First things first, I love this family. Paola (mama) actually reached out to me (very pregnant) before they even arrived here in Alaska. I photographed their first little as a newborn and have kept in touch since. They're *those* clients, the ones that just get me. It feels like it's been eons since Ezra was a newborn and now they have a new little, Eden. Seriously, can't get enough of these guys! <3 

Things you should know before booking a session with me..

1.) I take waaaay too many pictures. Way. 

2.) I'm obsessed with photographing in a sequence..which you'll notice. So don't be surprised when you get pictures that are literally shot seconds apart. Oops.

3.) I love movement..hence #2.

4.) I'm a sucker for dark/muted tones. Don't expect to get bright airy pictures back from me. It ain't my jam. Instead, you'll get beautiful portraits that focus on YOU and not the bright colors around you.

5.) I'll keep you forever. << I will. I feel like what I do is SO intimate. Birth, newborns, documentary work in your home, it's personal. You let me into your LIFE and I love it. I fall in love with my clients and usually they fall in love with me..which is why I keep you, forever. Don't be surprised if we continue to stay in touch sporadically. I want to watch your littles grow and your family evolve.