Mother's Day in the Cabin | Anchorage Family Photographer

I've been meaning to blog these for weeks now, so here we areeeee. Let's just say these sessions set my anxiety through the roof. Not because I didn't WANT to do them, but this was a whole new thing for me. I have never rented a location and had sessions back to back like this. Without seeing the location in person + not knowing all of the clients coming to see me, well that alone had me hyperventilating a bit. Haha! I also imagined everything that could go wrong in my head over and over, that's normal, right? ;) I will openly tell the world, I am a spazz, but I love my job so I hope that makes up for it. In the end, this evening could not have gone more perfectly. Every single mama + the kiddos brought in some magic. The second the walked into the door they were instantly loving on each other and playing. I got insanely emotional after because again, SPAZZ. I am so grateful to each and every one of these beautiful mamas that booked these sessions. They filled up within 24 hours and it blew my mind, I was so scared I'd book a cabin and would be sitting in it alone. I should probably stop doubting myself so much, eh? Putting yourself out there is HARD but the reward is so worth it. 

I know I've mentioned it a few times but I'm considering renting a location for the fall (September) to do family (dad included, though he doesn't have to be) sessions both indoor + outdoor (weather permitting). I've kiiiind of gotten a response but it hasn't been enough for me to jump the gun and put the deposit down. If you're interested in some sweet photographs like below, but a little longer session, please shoot me an email at so I can get you on a list! Once I've had enough people interested then I'll put myself out there again and do it all over. 

Again, thank you to everyone that showed up for these. You made my heart explode just a bit. ♥

P.S. - These are happening again next year!

Kaile + Beau | Anchorage Lifestyle Photographer

I've been trying to get this session edited for over 3 MONTHS now, guys! Oh, don't worry, this was a model call (and a great excuse to hang out with my friend Kaile + her chunky man) so, don't think I leave my client's hanging for 3 months normally. Ha! Client work is actually what kept me from editing this gorgeous session. One of my favorite sessions to do is sink baths. I. Love. Them. That and milk baths, apparently I'm obsessed with baths? The way they photograph is just ahhh. Skin on skin + water? Yes! Anyway, here's Kaile + Beau, before he turned the big 1 and had to grow up on us. Oh, and there's a sassy kitten too!.  <3 

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Love Letters || Newborn Photographer Anchorage, Alaska || Moss and Myrrh

I'm a big believer that if an idea comes to you, you best use it because it'll move to someone else if not. Ever read Big Magic? Yeah..Elizabeth Gilbert knows what she's talking about! Earlier this summer I was out on a hike alone (when I do my best thinking) feeling a little creatively lost. It seems the summer does that to me every year so it's best to just sit down and listen. I had a brilliant idea come to mind and was SO excited to start working on it. Then life happened and summer sessions took over, there wasn't enough time. I also didn't know how exactly I wanted to go about putting it all together, so I just pushed it aside for a bit. I actually saw another photographer/videographer (not in America, thank goodness), use a tiny bit of that idea in a project recently and it FREAKED me out! I had that idea tucked away for another did they have a part of it? So, that was the kick in the butt I needed to get this started. I'm about to explain a bit about this project I'm dreaming of, but really I don't know exactly how it'll flow or how far it'll go. I have no clue what the end will be and I really need the PERFECT model(s) for this. I'm hoping the Universe will serve up some awesomeness and the stars will align, because this can/will be magic if I can find the perfect family. 

The Details - PLEASE READ: 

I'm looking for a FIRST time pregnant mama due around Dec/Jan timeframe. This project will be covering pregnancy through the first YEAR of baby's life, so this is a pretty serious project to take on for myself and for the model. I am not 100% sure how often we'll be shooting, but I'll for sure be doing a Maternity Session (in home), Fresh 48 (48 hours after baby arrives), and a Newborn session a couple of weeks after baby is here. From then on I believe we'll be doing every 3 month updates. This is a film + photo project. You have to be 100% okay with being filmed, with your voice being used, and with being photographed in your most vulnerable/exhausted state. Please, please, please, consider these things when answering the model call. If this isn't your jam, don't contact me just because it's possibly free. I'm about to pour my soul into this, I want YOU to pour your soul into this as only serious clients, please. 

You must be okay with being styled. I have a vision in mind for this and I'll be picking out clothes for every session with you (you're responsible for that purchase if necessary). If you aren't familiar with my style, please have a look around my website, it says it all! 

My hopes for this project are to document the mental, physical, and emotional change that comes with Motherhood. I want to document your excitement, your worries, your exhaustion, and everything in-between. My hope is that when your baby is an adult they can open this treasure chest of their first year and actually SEE their mother. How she felt, looked, the person she was before giving birth to them. 

This will be emotional, exhausting, and absolutely beautiful. If this sounds like something you'd love to be a part of, let's chat!

Fill out the form below, once sent send me an email with your picture + some shots of your home (so I can see light and style). IN THE SUBJECT AREA PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME. No need to say anything else in the email. ;) 

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Due Date *
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Are you okay with.. *
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Please know I'll probably get a big response from this and won't have time to answer everyone, so don't get upset if you never hear from me. ;)

Thank you, guys! So excited to get this started!




Winter is Coming but We Don't Have to Freeze || Moss and Myrrh Photography

I started this post mid last week and couldn't muster the energy to write, so tucked it away for later. It was supposed to be all about how it's August and still warm, but winter IS coming so we need to talk about what we can do this winter for sessions! Here we are August 14th though and oh my goodness, drastic weather change, eh? I am sitting here freezing while I write this, ha! So, now more than ever I think it's important for me to explain what sessions I offer in the winter and why documenting your family doesn't have to stop because you've got a toddler that hates the cold!

It seems that every winter my sessions drop off (hey, always trying to be transparent) and I'm left with little work. I think this mostly has to do with the fact that no one wants to hang out in negative temps for an hour getting family pictures..or every one is just after that Christmas card picture. I ain't about that life, folks. I will NOT stand in negative temps for an hour trying to get pictures of your toddler who has frozen snot pouring down to their bottom lip while they rage over their mittens. Nope. Why? Because inside I FEEL like that toddler. I want to scream and cry and let the snot roll because being cold isn't fun..holding a camera when you can't feel your fingers? Not fun. SO, I don't offer full family sessions outdoors in the winter. I'd rather just not get paid and sit by my wood stove all day contemplating how to hustle some money...hahaha. That doesn't mean we CAN'T have sessions though! In fact, I feel like the winter months help us to get a little more creative and offer us the ability to get a little more cozy/real. 

When I say in home sessions I think everyone's blood pressure spikes a bit. They imagine their home looking horrid in their pictures. Toys thrown everywhere, clothes, haven't mopped in a month, dust particles floating in the frame, pictures. Amiright? Of course I am.  I get a slew of excuses every time I say we can shoot in name a few.

"I hate my house".

"My house isn't clean enough, I hate my decor".

"The light is horrible in my house".

"There's nothing to do in my house".

"This isn't our forever home, I don't care to remember it".

So. Many. Excuses. Stop. 

If you have all of those excuses running through your head when you hear "in home session", I'm going to need you to listen up. 

First things first, I don't care if this isn't your forever home. It's your home RIGHT NOW in this season. I can remember every single house/apt I lived in as a child. Were they forever homes? Heck no. Were they the prettiest? Not really. Do I remember them and have fond memories of them? Yes. It's really not about the house per se, it's really about the family IN the house. So, if this isn't your forever house it doesn't matter. Your kids will remember it and they'll have memories in it, so why not document it? 

Lighting..if you haven't noticed I shoot DARK. I love shadows, mood, and I really love a good challenge. I will FIND the light I want in your house and I will use it. Light isn't really your issue, so stop making it so! Also, stop freaking out over your unclean house. 9/10 your house IS clean, you're just being paranoid and overanalyzing. My shots are usually pretty intimate, they're close up. 99.9% of the time you aren't even going to see what's happening in the background or what's on the floor, you're not. Shooting so dark also hides A LOT. And if you're really that dang worried about it, I actually go through your home before your session and move anything/everything I don't want in the frame. These are your pictures but they're also mine..I have a look and idea in my head the second I walk in, I'll make it what I want and I'm not afraid to get bossy because this is what YOU hired me for. I'm confident in my work, I can make almost any situation work. 

Now, let's get to the "there's nothing to do" excuse. Quit that. My sessions can go a million different ways. Sometimes we plan for lifestyle but end up with a documentary style and vice versa. Lifestyle sessions are nothing but a big fat cuddle fest. Cuddle on the couch, cuddle in the bed, cuddle on the floor, cuddle while reading, cuddle while playing, etc. CUDDLE. There's giggles, smiles, hugs, lots of touching, etc, etc. I lurve them.  <3 Documentary sessions are just that, documenting. We'll plan an activity (or activities depending) that your littles love to do, because we want to remember what our kiddos loved the most. Cooking, art, reading, hanging out in bed, sink baths, playing with toys, hanging out with fur siblings, blanket forts, hide and seek, the list goes on and on. Just think of what you do on a snowy day as a family, and there's your answer. 

We CAN go outside! Little's usually love short spurts of snow play and so do I. Even if that means we go in your yard and play, let's do it. This IS Alaska! 

Also, being home isn't the only option. I've got quite a few sessions lined up this winter where we're going sledding + getting hot chocolate after. Let's go to your favorite coffee shop or cafe!

Okay, okay, I think I'm done with my educational rant (lol). I just want you to know, winter mini sessions for your christmas card are not your only options this winter. There's so much more to be documented than that cheesy smile you send to grandma and grandpa. 

Now, look at this sweet home/outdoor session I shot a few weeks back when summer was here. Looooove. <3 

Maternity Session in the Mountains of Hatcher Pass

Confession: I used to hate maternity sessions. Well, not hate, but they most definitely were NOT my favorite session. Why, you ask? I don't know what to do with a pregnant belly. Lol! That's the truth. There's only so many poses you can do with mom's hands on her belly. There's only so many you can do with dad hugging on mom. It was impossible for me to get any variety in those sessions and so, I dreaded them. Now though, that's a totally different story. Lifestyle sessions give me the freedom to actually enjoy every session I do, even maternity. Give me littles + a pregnant mama + mountain views and I'm a happy camper. <3 

Here's another local + fellow photographer I'm sure many will recognize. I'm not going to lie, it is insanely intimidating photographing other photographers. I'm already anxious before any normal session, but shooting another photographer makes me sweatttttt. It never fails though, I always have the best time and end up staring at their pictures for days. <3