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Moody Winter Newborn Session | Anchorage Newborn Photographer | Moss and Myrrh Photography

The biggest compliment I can get is when another local photographer refers clients to me because they aren’t able to take that session on themselves. My sweet friend Lauren, of Lauren Roberts Photography (check her out, especially her wedding work!), sent this sweet family my way and ah, so grateful. Their home was cozy, moody, and they had a Corgi to boot!

I say that my work is a mixture of documentary and lifestyle. A little bit of “posed” (hey, sit here and look at your baby) and a little bit of documenting the rawness that is having a newborn. Newborns are on their own schedule and shooting in a client’s home gives us the freedom to really be flexible. Honestly? Half the session I’m sometimes just sitting on the floor waiting for baby to finish eating, pooping, or having a complete meltdown. Of course I shoot that too, but I’m also 100% okay with going with the flow and sometimes that means sitting on your floor loving on your dog.

Enjoy. <3

Baby M | In Home Newborn Photographer | Anchorage, Alaska

Ahh, this heart. This was originally supposed to be a Fresh 48 but the weather prevented me from getting there on time and in the end, we opted to do an in home newborn session. I'm not going to lie, I'm SO glad we went this route. Their home was a neutral heaven and as you've heard me say about 10,000x, shooting in home makes my heart explode every single time. This doesn't even begin to show how many pictures were in this gallery, but I HAD to narrow it down. Ha!

This session is all neutrals, sweet cuddles, a cute dog, and an adorable big brother..a few of my favorite things. <3 

Have your own little due and want to book a session? I've got room for a few more summer sessions!

Anchorage Newborn Photographer | Complimentary Maternity Sessions in 2017 | Moss and Myrrh Photography Anchorage, Alaska

Maternity and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | Anchorage, Alaska | Moss and Myrrh Photography


As many of you know, in December I offered a complimentary maternity session for every birth, fresh 48, and newborn session booked by December 31st. I got huge response from that special and booked many sweet arrivals for 2017! Because of the awesome feedback I got from you guys, I will now be extending that offer through the rest of 2017. Woo! I know that many of you have to choose between maternity and newborn portraits, I'm hoping this puts an end to that and allows you to get this beautifully short season photographed as well. This is my gift to you. 

In order to take advantage of this special, you MUST book your birth, fresh 48, or newborn session at least 3 months in advance of your due date. Why? It's hard to schedule last minute sessions between already scheduled sessions. While I hate for anyone to miss out on this opportunity, I also have to be realistic of my own schedule and what's fair to clients that did book in advance. So, if you're wanting a maternity session with your package, don't wait! 


Also, session fees have been updated for 2017 along with a few other small changes. There will now only be two packages to choose from for ALL sessions (excluding birth). There is no need to choose your package in advance. Everyone will be required to put down a $150 deposit and then final decisions will be made at your viewing appointment. Keepsake boxes are being upgraded to a better quality box and I will be limiting the prints to 10 deep matte prints of your choice. I love the look and feel of these matte prints! I was beginning to feel like I was losing quality with the mass amount of prints I've been giving. Don't worry though, if you'd like to purchase a regular set of 4x6 or 5x7 prints from your entire session, that option will still be available. The second package option now adds on a beautiful album at half price (if bought a la carte)! I think albums work so well with my documentary work, I want you guys to have these in your homes!

You'll also notice that I've taken down extended family documentary sessions (3+ hours). I've decided that these will only be available during certain times of the year as they require a lot of attention which is hard when I'm booked full of births, fresh 48's, and newborns (where my heart is). So, be on the lookout for when those open back up!

As always, if you have any questions or would like to get your due date booked, please feel free to contact me! 


Fisher House of Alaska Newborn Session | Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Anchorage, Alaska

Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in Anchorage, Alaska | Moss and Myrrh Photography

This newborn session was unlike any other I've ever photographed before. Sweet Rosalie and her mama had a lot of complications during pregnancy. For that very reason, they had to come down from Fairbanks to get care in Anchorage while staying at the Alaska Fisher House. Rosalie decided to make her appearance early at 32 weeks, so this family had spent months living at the Fisher House! On top of having a premie baby, they were also due to move across the country right after baby was cleared to leave! This made for last minute scheduling (because we had no clue when baby would leave the NICU) and a lot of improvising since they didn't have their own home at the moment. The Fisher House turned out to be the perfect location for a newborn session and I was in heaven after going through and editing these. Seriously, so in love. 

Thank you to the Jackson Family for allowing me to document this stressful, chaotic, but absolutely sweet story for you. I'm so, so, glad we were able to still get you these pictures despite all the obstacles. <3 

I never realized just how many families this happens to every year. I can't imagine the worry of carrying your high risk baby on top of not being near your own belongings. Because of this, I'm currently working on a discounted option for expecting families living in the Fisher House in 2017. Just because you're far from home and in an extremely stressful situation, doesn't mean you should have to miss out on newborn portraits. They're so, so, important. <3 

Also, if you're ever looking for an amazing program to donate to, the Fisher House of Alaska always needs donations as well as volunteers. Go HERE for more information.

Anchorage Lifestyle Newborn Session | Anchorage, Alaska Newborn Photographer | Moss and Myrrh Photography

Anchorage Home Newborn Session | Anchorage, Alaska | Moss and Myrrh Photography


Ah, newborns. I'm loving the direction these sessions keep going. If you're wanting to completely hole away after having your baby, this is the session for you. You never have to leave your home. In fact, you don't even have to leave your couch if you don't want to (though I suggest we migrate at least to the bed to get more options, haha!). You literally just hang out in your house connecting with your family and loving on your brand new baby. What's better than that?! Nothing, absolutely nothing. 

For this family I wanted to make sure that I really included the big brothers, even though one of them really didn't show much interest in being involved at first. The beauty of documentary sessions is that NO ONE is forced to participate if they don't want to. No one is forcing you to fake smile at a camera. When older siblings randomly decide to connect with parents or baby, that's when I get the shots I want, but I also really want to document each individual personality. If that personality is NOT wanting to be cuddled up to mom + baby, that's totally okay with me. I think in most sessions, siblings get lost in the waves of newborn attention. I used to think that was totally okay, but now not so much. For my work, I think it's really important to document siblings..A LOT. Children need to see themselves in photographs and this is a very emotional time for them (not all) with now having to share the attention with one more person. I want them to feel important too. 

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