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Frank Breech Birth | Birds and Bees Midwifery | Anchorage Birth Photographer

Trigger Warning | This was a hard birth with a lot in lingo, please don’t watch if you’ve experience a traumatic birth or are sensitive to such.

There’s a major gap happening in the world of birth. Girls are no longer raised watching women give birth. Many women don’t even know what birth looks like until they themselves are giving birth. To say this is a disservice to all women is an understatement. It disempowers us and keeps us blind to strength that we’re born with. You don’t have to be a mother or want to be a mother (news flash, I don’t!), to know that this is sacred. We’ve sat birth in a place of fear and that’s the last place it should be. Birth is beautiful, it’s normal, it’s natural, and there is no one right way to do it. In the hospital, at home, in a birth center, drugs, no drugs, it doesn’t matter. Every woman has a right to choose what she wants for her baby and her body. This mama is an amazing advocate for women having the right to choose and she thought it was important that we share her birth with you. This was a frank breech home birth, it wasn’t easy. This isn’t a video of an easy birth, far from it, but it is a variation of a normal birth (all births are “normal” if the mother chooses it) and it’s evidence that you can find a provider that will give you the birth YOU deserve.

I cannot recommend Birds and Bees Midwifery enough. I’ve been working with Jen H. for many years and I’ve always admired her but this, this birth was something totally different. I appreciate so much that she does this for women.

P.S. - This isn’t a space for debate. Your body, your choice. Her body, her choice. It’s simply here to educate, hold space for that or scroll on by. It doesn’t make a difference to me.

Ryder's Birth Film || Moss and Myrrh || Anchorage, Alaska Birth Photography

I actually hadn't intended on blogging this birth story until the New Year, but after finishing up the film I knew I had to share it before then. These are just a handful of images from this amazing birth, but the video truly tells the whole story. Please know that there is "nudity" (shocking, I know..*sarcasm*) so if you aren't comfortable with babies being born, please do not watch. I had originally intended on posting this on Facebook but because of their rules and standards, it will get my account shut down. Use this beautiful birth as an example of how backwards society is. Naked women are allowed to be seen as sexual beings on social media, but when the body is shown doing what it was made to do, it is shunned. 

Ashley, thank you so much for once again letting me document your babies arriving Earth side. You're strong, inspiring, beautiful inside and out, and I know Ryder's birth story is only going to empower more women to seek the birth they dream of.

This is birth, folks. This is life. It's time we stop censoring bodies that are doing what they're intended to do. 




Baby S Home Birth || Anchorage Birth Photographer || Moss and Myrrh Photography

As many of you know, I've been pushing my birth films a little bit more these days. I recently did a model call for a birth that would be entirely filmed and my goodness, I could not have asked for a better family to document. This was such a unique birth! It's rare that I get to document dads catching babies; much less two older sisters being there along for the ride. Add that there was a birthday cake + a birthday song? Well, I was in heaven. 

A big thank you to this mama for not only letting me be a part of this journey, but also for allowing herself to be an inspiration for other women. Watching her girls watch her during and after labor; I have no doubt that she left them in awe of how strong women are. Women are strong and birth is meant to be empowering. No matter what route you choose for birth; know that you too can be empowered by your birth and have a positive experience.

Birth films are now an option for an add on to your birth photography package. If you're interested in having your birth documented; please email me at