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Trigger Warning | This was a hard birth with a lot in lingo, please don’t watch if you’ve experience a traumatic birth or are sensitive to such.

There’s a major gap happening in the world of birth. Girls are no longer raised watching women give birth. Many women don’t even know what birth looks like until they themselves are giving birth. To say this is a disservice to all women is an understatement. It disempowers us and keeps us blind to strength that we’re born with. You don’t have to be a mother or want to be a mother (news flash, I don’t!), to know that this is sacred. We’ve sat birth in a place of fear and that’s the last place it should be. Birth is beautiful, it’s normal, it’s natural, and there is no one right way to do it. In the hospital, at home, in a birth center, drugs, no drugs, it doesn’t matter. Every woman has a right to choose what she wants for her baby and her body. This mama is an amazing advocate for women having the right to choose and she thought it was important that we share her birth with you. This was a frank breech home birth, it wasn’t easy. This isn’t a video of an easy birth, far from it, but it is a variation of a normal birth (all births are “normal” if the mother chooses it) and it’s evidence that you can find a provider that will give you the birth YOU deserve.

I cannot recommend Birds and Bees Midwifery enough. I’ve been working with Jen H. for many years and I’ve always admired her but this, this birth was something totally different. I appreciate so much that she does this for women.

P.S. - This isn’t a space for debate. Your body, your choice. Her body, her choice. It’s simply here to educate, hold space for that or scroll on by. It doesn’t make a difference to me.

From Two to Three

I “met” Brooke on Instagram a couple of years ago. They lived a beautiful life in Juneau and I drooled over how ridiculous all of her pictures were. They eventually ended up moving this way though and I was so excited when she booked me for their newborn session. I’m sucker for neutral tones and minimal decor. I love chaos but I also love balance and sessions like this give me that. I can’t stress this enough, when you book a session with me you will NOT get what you see in other sessions I post. Every session is unique and it’s own. The tones you use, your decor, your personalities, all of those things inspire me when editing your session and the end result is something that is completely yours. << THAT is what sets lifestyle newborn sessions apart from posed newborn.

Your home. Your clothes. Your personalities. Your session.

If you’d like to chat about booking your own in home newborn session, go HERE.

A Dream of Home Birth || Anchorage Birth Photographer || Moss and Myrrh Photography

A Dream of Home Birth || Moss and Myrrh Photography Anchorage, Alaska

I'm a huge supporter of letting women choose the birth they want. I don't discriminate between home births, birth center births, hospital births, cesarean, unmedicated, medicated, etc. There are MANY ways to birth and many choices to make, which I 100% believe is the woman's choice. Your body. Your choice. Most of my home birth mamas have a similar story. Their first baby was born in a hospital and while that was okay, they wanted to try something different. They didn't enjoy all the wires coming out of their bodies while pushing through surges, they didn't enjoy constantly being woken up to check on themselves + baby, and they sometimes didn't enjoy the medication they were given. Obviously, there are a million other scenarios but the entire point is, they want to see if they can do this. I think most of this was true for this mama. She wanted a hands off approach and she wanted to do this herself. She did and she was amazing! 

As I've said time and time again, every birth is different. There is nothing more unpredictable than birth and I get that reminder with each birth. This sweet mama labored for 36 HOURS with her first little. Thirty. Six. Hours. When we met for Morgan's pre consult I thought, this is going to be a LONG home birth. Of course, every baby is different and every baby comes on their own terms. This ended up being my fastest labor yet! I have never come this close to missing a birth, so scary! 

At 1:17am Morgan texted me to tell me contractions had started. Usually, once contractions start I have a good bit of time. I don't show up until mom is 5/6 cm dilated because if not, I could be there for days. We decided for me to wait to until the midwives with Heritage Midwifery had arrived and could see just how far along she was. By 1:54am she had texted me telling me contractions were picking up and had a pattern. I knew then I needed to come and it's a good thing I did! I pulled up to their house a little after 3:00 am (I live waaaay out in Wasilla) and was told she was pushing. PUSHING?! WHAT!? I ran in to find Morgan surging back to back and knew this baby would be here soon. Baby Javier showed up at 3:41 am and gave me just enough time to get some laboring shots/video before saying hello to the world. Thanks, dude! 

Check out Morgan's birth film below (hit "HD", please) as well as a few beautiful pictures showing just how fierce this mama is. 

Baby S Home Birth || Anchorage Birth Photographer || Moss and Myrrh Photography

As many of you know, I've been pushing my birth films a little bit more these days. I recently did a model call for a birth that would be entirely filmed and my goodness, I could not have asked for a better family to document. This was such a unique birth! It's rare that I get to document dads catching babies; much less two older sisters being there along for the ride. Add that there was a birthday cake + a birthday song? Well, I was in heaven. 

A big thank you to this mama for not only letting me be a part of this journey, but also for allowing herself to be an inspiration for other women. Watching her girls watch her during and after labor; I have no doubt that she left them in awe of how strong women are. Women are strong and birth is meant to be empowering. No matter what route you choose for birth; know that you too can be empowered by your birth and have a positive experience.

Birth films are now an option for an add on to your birth photography package. If you're interested in having your birth documented; please email me at   

Nothing is as Planned | Anchorage Birth Photographer | Moss and Myrrh Photography

Anchorage Home Birth | Moss & Myrrh Photography

Birth is a whole lot of unknowing. 

There is no way of knowing when baby will arrive, how easy or hard labor will be, how quickly labor will progress, if you'll get the birth you've dreamt of or if nothing will go your way. Focusing on the birth you WANT instead of the birth you don't want is definitely a huge part of it all, I believe. In the end though, some things are out of our earthly control, and we have to go with it regardless. 

This sweet mama worked SO hard to bring her baby earth side naturally, at home. Even when her body refused to give her a break from surges, she pushed through absolutely exhausted. For 4 hours she pushed in hopes of seeing the tiny human she'd carried in her body for 9 months. Despite everything, there was no progression. It was quickly decided that she would be transferred to Providence Hospital where mom & dad made the decision to have a cesarean to bring their baby into the world. After handing my camera off to dad, they both got to see their healthy baby boy come into the world. A happy + healthy mom and baby. That's everything!

I learned so much from this birth. After 3 years of photographing every type of birth you can imagine, I still hadn't had a client transferred or had to watch the tough decision be made to have a cesarean. There was a lot of hope, hope that something would quickly change so it could all be avoided. There was a lot of anxiety filling the room as well. Everyone is rooting for mom, everyone. When you realize things might not go as planned, there's this anxious feeling that takes over everyone. You just want relief for mom. You just want that baby to make their arrival so you can see the  joy on her face. This birth was definitely a quick reminder that nothing is planned, there is no way of knowing. All I do know is that in the end the ultimate goal is to have a healthy baby + mom. That's all that matters. Home birth, birth center, hospital, medicated, non medicated, cesarean, the only goal is a happy + healthy mom/baby, no matter which route you go.