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Oh my goodness, I cannot believe it’s been since November that I last blogged a session. Agh! Like many, winter sucks me in and I lose a lot of motivation to do much of what I normally do. I’m back though (mentally) and it’s time to start sharing again! I have so many sessions from last year that never got to be fully seen here, so I figured I’d start with those and work my way up..slow and steady.

The Anliker Family asked me if I’d be willing to be shoot a newborn session for them under the condition that they had NO clue when this baby would be coming home and when I would be needed to come to their home. You see, they were adopting a sweet babe out of state and wanted this season documented, but a lot of was up in the air. Of course, I said yes. This was my first adoption session and well, it got me right in the feels. I got to hear their story, their struggles, and now see their joy that they’ve finally got their baby in their arms. It was an honor to document this shortest of chapters and I hope, hope, hope, I get more adoptions in the future. <3

I hope you’re doing well, Anliker Family. <3

From Two to Three

I “met” Brooke on Instagram a couple of years ago. They lived a beautiful life in Juneau and I drooled over how ridiculous all of her pictures were. They eventually ended up moving this way though and I was so excited when she booked me for their newborn session. I’m sucker for neutral tones and minimal decor. I love chaos but I also love balance and sessions like this give me that. I can’t stress this enough, when you book a session with me you will NOT get what you see in other sessions I post. Every session is unique and it’s own. The tones you use, your decor, your personalities, all of those things inspire me when editing your session and the end result is something that is completely yours. << THAT is what sets lifestyle newborn sessions apart from posed newborn.

Your home. Your clothes. Your personalities. Your session.

If you’d like to chat about booking your own in home newborn session, go HERE.

Love Letters || Newborn Photographer Anchorage, Alaska || Moss and Myrrh

I'm a big believer that if an idea comes to you, you best use it because it'll move to someone else if not. Ever read Big Magic? Yeah..Elizabeth Gilbert knows what she's talking about! Earlier this summer I was out on a hike alone (when I do my best thinking) feeling a little creatively lost. It seems the summer does that to me every year so it's best to just sit down and listen. I had a brilliant idea come to mind and was SO excited to start working on it. Then life happened and summer sessions took over, there wasn't enough time. I also didn't know how exactly I wanted to go about putting it all together, so I just pushed it aside for a bit. I actually saw another photographer/videographer (not in America, thank goodness), use a tiny bit of that idea in a project recently and it FREAKED me out! I had that idea tucked away for another did they have a part of it? So, that was the kick in the butt I needed to get this started. I'm about to explain a bit about this project I'm dreaming of, but really I don't know exactly how it'll flow or how far it'll go. I have no clue what the end will be and I really need the PERFECT model(s) for this. I'm hoping the Universe will serve up some awesomeness and the stars will align, because this can/will be magic if I can find the perfect family. 

The Details - PLEASE READ: 

I'm looking for a FIRST time pregnant mama due around Dec/Jan timeframe. This project will be covering pregnancy through the first YEAR of baby's life, so this is a pretty serious project to take on for myself and for the model. I am not 100% sure how often we'll be shooting, but I'll for sure be doing a Maternity Session (in home), Fresh 48 (48 hours after baby arrives), and a Newborn session a couple of weeks after baby is here. From then on I believe we'll be doing every 3 month updates. This is a film + photo project. You have to be 100% okay with being filmed, with your voice being used, and with being photographed in your most vulnerable/exhausted state. Please, please, please, consider these things when answering the model call. If this isn't your jam, don't contact me just because it's possibly free. I'm about to pour my soul into this, I want YOU to pour your soul into this as only serious clients, please. 

You must be okay with being styled. I have a vision in mind for this and I'll be picking out clothes for every session with you (you're responsible for that purchase if necessary). If you aren't familiar with my style, please have a look around my website, it says it all! 

My hopes for this project are to document the mental, physical, and emotional change that comes with Motherhood. I want to document your excitement, your worries, your exhaustion, and everything in-between. My hope is that when your baby is an adult they can open this treasure chest of their first year and actually SEE their mother. How she felt, looked, the person she was before giving birth to them. 

This will be emotional, exhausting, and absolutely beautiful. If this sounds like something you'd love to be a part of, let's chat!

Fill out the form below, once sent send me an email with your picture + some shots of your home (so I can see light and style). IN THE SUBJECT AREA PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME. No need to say anything else in the email. ;) 

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Please know I'll probably get a big response from this and won't have time to answer everyone, so don't get upset if you never hear from me. ;)

Thank you, guys! So excited to get this started!