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Reflections Lake Fall Family Session | Anchorage Family Photographer | Moss and Myrrh Photography

I know it looks like winter outside here in Alaska, but it’s still technically fall, so I’m going to squeeze on by and post one more fall session before winter is officially here!

I am already booking for summer + fall 2019, so if you’d like to book a family session with me next year, let’s chat!

Baby M | In Home Newborn Photographer | Anchorage, Alaska

Ahh, this heart. This was originally supposed to be a Fresh 48 but the weather prevented me from getting there on time and in the end, we opted to do an in home newborn session. I'm not going to lie, I'm SO glad we went this route. Their home was a neutral heaven and as you've heard me say about 10,000x, shooting in home makes my heart explode every single time. This doesn't even begin to show how many pictures were in this gallery, but I HAD to narrow it down. Ha!

This session is all neutrals, sweet cuddles, a cute dog, and an adorable big brother..a few of my favorite things. <3 

Have your own little due and want to book a session? I've got room for a few more summer sessions!

First 72 | In Home Newborn Session | Anchorage Newborn Photographer

Here's a little something new I'm starting, First 72's! Instead of Fresh 48's, where I come to you (usually the hospital) within 48 hours of baby's arrival, I'm now pushing that to 72 hours. I've had a lot of Fresh 48's booked in the last few months and almost all of them got changed to 72 hours. Going into their homes and working with them in that time frame vs. 48 hours, I realized things were MUCH smoother and less stressful for parents. We also get to shoot in home, which is what I love most. Hospitals have their purpose, but they can be so limiting with what I can do since we're stuck with one window (that's usually throwing harsh light) + a whole lot of equipment shoved in a small room. First 72's IN home? That's where it's at, guys! By going this route I'm also able to give a lot more in galleries (see below) because everyone just seems more comfortable. I can't explain it, but being in your home is such an awesome option when photographing your fresh baby.

These sessions are simple. Once baby arrives you contact me asap so we can get a date + time scheduled. These are not like newborn sessions where we can wait for weeks, these are shot within 72 hours of birth, so it's crucial we schedule immediately. Unlike newborn sessions, we won't be changing outfits or going room to room. This session is a little more raw and we basically just hang out in bed the whole time. If there are siblings, they're more than welcome to jump in too! 

We'll hang out for a little over an hour just soaking in your fresh babe and all their newness. Those first few days are nothing but pure bliss + exhaustion. It's beautiful and I think it's because society + reality haven't made their way in yet. It's like a little bubble that can never be brought back. Baby is so tired, so hungry, and still hasn't changed ENOUGH to make you want to bawl your eyes out.

I would love to work with you if you're due this summer! Please check out the details on investment OR drive right in and contact me! But first, check out this sweet baby, please. I'm so, so, in love with this session and all the simplicity. 

Twins Milestone Session | Anchorage Lifestyle Photographer | Moss and Myrrh

Earlier this month I went back to hang out with those adorable twin newborns I posted last year. It's hard to believe they're already 3 months old, what is going on with the time?! It goes so fast. I'm happy to report that they are adorable as ever and were full of smiles! 

Guys, don't forget to have these sweet moments photographed too! There's SO much change going on between the newborn and 1st year sessions that everyone books. Smiles, giggles, new teeth, learning to crawl, taking first steps, it all is worthy of being documented! <3 

Next time I see them, sink bath! Yasssssss! 

Interested in a session of your own? Let's chat! 


The Lemons Family || An Alaskan Maternity Session || Anchorage Maternity Photographer

The Lemons Family || Anchorage, Alaska Maternity Photographer

The sweet Lemons family was fairly new to Alaska when we shot this session. I wanted to take them somewhere easy but still give them those mountain views. Eagle River never disappoints and there's always plenty of opportunity for the littles to play! Skipping rocks, picking flowers (including their roots), hoarding rocks, picking berries, questioning whether we can eat *that*..that's everything these sessions are all about. No posing necessary, just genuine interaction and connection. At the end of this session the oldest said to me, "what? we're done? I only saw you take one picture!". Yesssss, stealth mode over here. Ha! Seriously, that's the BEST compliment. I don't want you to know I'm working, I want you to be in the moment with your family and these guys rocked it! 

So, so, excited to shoot a Fresh 48 for these guys once baby decides to make their arrival. <3