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The Lemons Family || An Alaskan Maternity Session || Anchorage Maternity Photographer

The Lemons Family || Anchorage, Alaska Maternity Photographer

The sweet Lemons family was fairly new to Alaska when we shot this session. I wanted to take them somewhere easy but still give them those mountain views. Eagle River never disappoints and there's always plenty of opportunity for the littles to play! Skipping rocks, picking flowers (including their roots), hoarding rocks, picking berries, questioning whether we can eat *that*..that's everything these sessions are all about. No posing necessary, just genuine interaction and connection. At the end of this session the oldest said to me, "what? we're done? I only saw you take one picture!". Yesssss, stealth mode over here. Ha! Seriously, that's the BEST compliment. I don't want you to know I'm working, I want you to be in the moment with your family and these guys rocked it! 

So, so, excited to shoot a Fresh 48 for these guys once baby decides to make their arrival. <3

Alaskan Motherhood Session in the Forest || Wasilla Lifestyle Photographer || Moss and Myrrh Photography


Alaskan Motherhood


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Ah, a few of my favorite things: motherhood, chunky babies, and the forest. I've documented these two since the day this sweet one was born and oh, I love them. There's something amazing about getting to watch a little grow and change, but it's also pretty amazing to get to watch the mother grow and change. We are constantly evolving as people but aren't consciously aware of it because we're so wrapped up in life. I get to see it from the outside though and I love seeing how Motherhood changes each woman. Chelsea is such a good a mama and Wyatt, ahhh she's growing so fast! Thank you, Chelsea, for letting me document this season of Motherhood for you. Wyatt is going to cherish these so much! 

P.S- These sessions are now discounted when booked with your birth and/or newborn session! Motherhood Sessions are booked anytime between 3 and 12 months after baby's arrival and they're all about you + your little and the bond you've created. <3


Let's Wander || Moss and Myrrh Photography || Anchorage Lifestyle Photographer

Let's Wander || Anchorage Motherhood Photographer, Moss and Myrrh

I've known these two since this little was just a few days old. It was when I was first starting out, really digging into studio work, and REALLY wanting to work those newborn sessions. Lilah is one of those clients that has slowly morphed into more than just a client. We keep in touch and I am forever grateful she continues to come back to me so we can continue documenting this bond.

When I look back at their sessions I can see just how much I've grown and changed over time. They're literally proof that I'm not who I used to be.  Every session is a little different, more raw, and every session Zoe looks more and more like a little girl, no longer a baby. I'll never get over how quickly they change or wrap my head around how quickly life goes on. While we can't stop time we can most definitely document it and remember it to the best of our ability. These two will have all the memories to look back on. All of them. <3 

Forest Adventures | Lifestyle Photographer Wasilla, Alaska

Wasilla, Alaska Family Photographer || Moss and Myrrh Photography

So very excited to share this session with you guys! As many of you know, I'm kind of sort of obsessed with all Motherhood sessions, so this one got me right in the feels with it's earthy tones + sweet grins. Oh, and did I mention this was shot on my own property? Yeah, it was. Even more feels! 

Interested in your own summer session? You can contact me here or email hello@mossandmyrrh.com. 

Oliver + Mama • Wasilla Lifestyle Photographer • Moss and Myrrh Photography

Oliver + Mama || Intimate Motherhood Wasilla, Alaska

There are so many things I enjoy when doing this work. I love getting to know my clients, documenting a tiny little piece of their lives. I love getting to style and dream up sessions. I love seeing how HAPPY my clients are once all is delivered. I also really, really, love when I get hired to come back again. It means I did my job well the first time and it means I get to see how much these sweet littles have changed! I can't believe it had been exactly 10 weeks (at the time we shot this session) when we had welcomed this sweet boy into the world. Now here he is, an adorable blue eyed, blonde haired, chunk!

For the millionth time, if you're even considering an Intimate Motherhood Session, PLEASE shoot me an email. I swear, these are worth every penny. This season is so short (have I told you guys that enough already?), don't wait until they're over the cuddles to wish you had these. <3