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The Echols Family - Family Photography - Moss and Myrrh Photography Eagle River, Alaska - Moss and Myrrh Photography

The Echols Family - Family Session - Moss and Myrrh Photography Eagle River, AK

To me, running this business, being a photographer, is so much more than just taking pictures. It would be easy to stay disconnected and just "do" my service, but that's not even remotely possible for me. I get attached to you all, we have a relationship, you become family. The Echols family is no different. In fact, I think the Echols family is my longest returning family. They've been coming to me from the very beginning. When Zoe was born I did a model call for a newborn session (I was literally just starting out in newborns) and Lilah (mama) and I had a mutual friend, so we clicked. Never in a million years did I think our relationship would grow to what it is now.

It's pretty awesome to say, I've known this little girl since she was just a wee newborn. I've seen her at her craziest stages and now I've seen her at her calmest, this last session. This session she smiled straight at the camera, knowing exactly what was supposed to be done, and I was just blown away by how grown she is. She's now a little girl, no longer a baby. 

This job is exhausting. I think the majority of people assume I sit on my tush all day happily editing babies. That's not the reality at all. There are days when I question what I'm doing, the unknown is the worst, but families like this make me realize I'm doing SOMETHING right. 

Thank you to my clients who have let me into their world to document their littles as they grow and change. I appreciate you so, so much. 

Until next time, Echols family! <3 

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