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Twin Newborn Documentary Session || Moss and Myrrh Photography, Anchorage Newborn Photographer

I'm not really sure what happened over the summer, but I went from specializing in newborns/motherhood to only shooting family sessions. I wasn't even aware of it until recently when I looked through my folder of "archived" (fully edited) sessions. Where did my babies go?! Last summer/fall I barely shot any family sessions because I was determined to stick with my babies, but this year something shifted and I managed to shoot over 40 families over the summer/fall months. I'm not really complaining, I LOVED those families I shot..most of them being returning clients. I used to not enjoy family sessions at all but now that I don't really pose, I love them. It's basically just an hour of hanging out and having fun with people I know pretty dang well at this point. But, I'm not going to lie, I miss the babies. I can quickly fall into routine with my sessions..making them the same every time; the same for me at least. Newborn sessions are not like that at all though. Babies are not predictable, they call the shots. Every home looks different, lighting challenging me to push beyond my norm. I miss it. So, this winter I am determined to get back to specializing in my babies. They're what made me fall in love with photography in the first place and they're what I want to focus on more than anything. Birth, motherhood, babies up to 12 months, they're what I love. 

Once I realized what had happened over the summer, I quickly did a model call for a newborn. You guys are awesome and always deliver with the models! It's not easy finding a newborn at the age I need with the availability I need. It's like finding a unicorn..and almost always you guys hand up the unicorn. Thank you! This session was especially perfect. I cannot even begin to describe how happy I was editing these. I'm sure you all noticed though since I've been sharing them so much on social media..sorry! Not sorry. What made these guys so special? Well, incase you didn't notice..there are TWO of those newborns in the pictures. Lol! Double the newness, double the details, made my heart explode. Also, you guys know about my love for the neutrals. I scream it from the roof tops.."KEEP IT SIMPLE", and they did. And then there was the light. THE LIGHT, GUYS. Hallelujah! So, basically if I could clone these guys over and over again, I would. 

Newborn sessions usually go one of two ways, being determined by said newborn. They're either really sleepy and calm (and no toddler exists, lol) OR they're cluster feeding and not feeling it. When they're sleepy, we get a lot more of the "lifestyle" feel. I direct you more and we get the sweet serene pictures you see all over social media. When they aren't sleepy though we go full on documentary and I'm not going to lie, I prefer it. I feel like documentary sessions really tell the story of that time in someone's life. There is no manipulating, I just shoot and you do you. These guys were hungry (duh) so the majority of their session they were eating..which was totally okay. I love documenting the in between changing clothes, diapers, swaddling, etc. That's where the gold is at. The stretches, wrinkles, random smiles, eye contact..make me so happy! 

Okay, I'm DONE. Promise. I'm just so happy with these and cannot wait to document these girls again for a milestone session. <3 

Thank you, Armstrong Family, for being SO amazing.