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I'd say 99.9% of my blog posts are about how much I loooooooove my job. Right? You know, you read these things (hopefully) every week. I assume you've already figured out that I LOVE my work and I LOVE my clients. Ha! So, this week I decided to switch things up and do a little chatting about what to wear for your session. It just so happens that Kaile is THE best example of what to wear (figures, she's a photographer), so this is the perfect session to use as an example! 

Hands down, what you wear to your session is probably one of THE most important parts of preparing.. What you wear can completely change what you get back in your gallery once it's all said and done. So, I'm throwing together 5 little tips to get you started. Enjoy!

1.) Do NOT wear fluorescents. 

Obviously, this really depends on the photographer and the style they go for, but we're talking about my work here sooo, please don't wear fluorescents. Haha! I'm talking ANYTHING bright. If you like color, that's perfectly fine, but stick with the more muted/darker tones in that color. For example, yellow. I do not like yellow but I LOVE mustard. Love. Another example, red, brick red would be perfectly fine. Save the fluorescents for your 80's halloween party. ;) 

2.) Start with one outfit you LOVE.

Choosing clothes for the entire family can be really overwhelming. I suggest you start with one outfit you really love. Go to your closet (or store) and choose one outfit you, your spouse, your kids, whomever, feels really good in + fits the tones needed. Now, play off that one outfit. 

3.) You don't all need to match!

Remember the days when we'd all throw on our jeans + white t shirts for our Sears pictures? Yeah, those days are GONE. Ha! You're allowed to each show your personalities. You don't HAVE to fact, I discourage it. You know that one outfit I said to start with? The tones in that outfit are what you're going to be playing off of. Look at Kaile's session below, there's some deep/navy blue going on in her outfit, so she added in the dark blue wrap for Beau. All you need are tiny pieces of color to pull you all together. This can also work with earrings, necklaces, rings, blankets, etc.

4.) Muted Earthy tones, please.

I'm sure you've seen in all my work..I love to edit dark and I love to use earthy tones. I often get asked what earthy tones are, just look outside! Those colors you see naturally are the colors I love to work with. Green, blue, yellow, brown, gray, white, cream, etc, etc. As you'll see in Kaile's session, she's rocking all the earthy tones and it ties in perfectly with the landscape around her.

5.) Shoes matter!

Plan your outfit out, all the way down to your shoes. Sneakers/Tennis Shoes are a big no go. Sandles, boots, or barefoot is what it's all about. If I come to a session and someone's shoes aren't working, I almost always ask them to take them off and go barefoot..which I love FYI. So, if you aren't interested in being barefoot, make sure to show up in the right shoes! Oh, one last thing..nails. Cut them, paint them, do whatever to make them look good. They WILL be noticeable in a session, at least to you. ;) 

I feel like I barely touched the surface here and could probably go on for days, but I think this is a good base to start with. I have a very detailed What to Wear Guide I send to all of my clients once they've booked, so don't worry! Also, styling + planning for your session is one of my favorite parts, I encourage all of my clients to send me texts with pictures/questions. It's what I'm here for, so don't feel bad bugging me during your meltdown of "WHAT THE HECK ARE WE GOING TO WEAR?!". <3 

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