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A New Season.

It seems this last year (starting in 2016) has been all about change and growth. My business is growing with the HUGE changes I made last summer. My ideals for living have been evolving so quickly I can't keep up. All in all, life is good. 

As many of you know, we've been wanting to move for quite some time. Looking back 3 years ago, I was so in love with this home, but slowly it's just been swallowing me up. It's huge, too much home for just 2 people. We literally live in half of this house, rarely using the other half. "More" is no longer making me happy. I want less so I can explore more, so this move is very exciting for us. We went into home searching with a very tight budget and knew it would be hard to find exactly what we wanted. A little over an acre of land, 2 bed, 1 bath, under 1000 sq ft. We were more than willing to upgrade the home, in fact I was excited about making it "ours". We fell in LOVE with a home that was right at the top of our budget, but sat on a "pond" and was completely updated. 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, it was more than we wanted but it was adorable. We lost it though and that was pretty crushing. I just kept imagining warm summer days with my crazy dogs jumping in the water. Then we fell in love with the land of another house..3.3 acres, top of our budget, but it was gorgeous. Again, we lost it. The valley is being eaten up fast! There's no time to think. Honestly, I'd started to lose all hope. We're on a time limit and can't seem to get to a house fast enough before it's gone. Then something CRAZY happened. Another house on that same "pond" opened up. It was 2 bed, 1 bath, and $56,000 under our budget. $56,000, guys. WHAT. After looking at it, it wasn't anything what we imagined. Seriously, we imagined a HOT MESS for that cheap..but it wasn't. We immediately put in an offer and after less than 24 hours on the market it was pending..it's "ours" unofficially (knock on wood).  Woo!

So, now we can finally move forward and plan for the future. With that I have to sit down and figure out what changes need to happen with Moss and Myrrh to continue to make it viable. We're moving further from Anchorage (much further) and driving 50 miles one way for every client is really becoming exhausting (I'm all for transparency, guys). Not only do I see my clients for their session (and sometimes a pre consult), but I also have my Viewing Appointments two weeks later. So, on average I'm going anywhere from 100 miles per client all the way up to 200 miles per client. It's just not sustainable economically or mentally. So, with that, Viewing Appointments will no longer be offered. Instead, you'll be sent an online gallery to choose the package you're wanting. I am STILL 100% here to help you choose. We can phone chat, text, Facetimes, whatever..I'm here.  Depending on what package you choose, I'll be mailing you all of your pretties. Oh, I'm going to miss my one on ones and getting so see your faces when you see your pictures. I'm so sad I have to make this change, but I know it's the right choice if I'm going to stay sane (and out of the red). 

Our current home is still on the market for anyone that might be looking or knows someone that is! You can check it out here:

Now, for some fun news! I've got a new supplier for Keepsake Boxes and I am SO excited. Check out these beauties below. The Keepsake Box is included in one of the 3 packages offered now. This box will have all of the images from your gallery on the USB + 10 Fine Art 4x6 Prints of your choice. SO in love. 

If you're interested in finding out new pricing information, please get in touch so I can send you the new guide!